Who is Oya!

Feel the Winds of Change....The Goddess of Transformation is Calling YOU!

Who is the Goddess of Transformation?

Name: Oya, Kali, Sekhmet, Pele


Day: Wednesday

Colors: Purple, Red, Maroon, Black

Objects/energy embodied in: Wind, Tornadoes, Storms, Brooms, Graveyards, The Market Place

Offering: Eggplant

Goddess Energy: Radical Transformation, Death

Herbs: Myrrh

Spiritual Qualities: Release, Surrender, Dying to the old to embrace the new

Of all the faces of the Divine Feminine, The Goddess of Transformation was the scariest when I first began to understand this energy. All I wanted to know was what was she calling me to release? Would she hurt me? Why did her energy of death surround me so profoundly at times?

In other words, I was one scared sister!

But as I came to know this energy, not just in terms of qualities, but understand that the Goddess of Transformation was within me, then I lost the fear and fell in love with this energy. The name that I will use to refer to Her is the name she is called by the Yoruba out of Nigeria: OYA.

OYA! She is the aspect of Goddess energy that sees what needs to be changed and urges us to begin the process. But you and I both know that change is not always easy. As a matter of fact, change can be scary as we begin to move into unknown territory. Most of us want to be able to control our environments and lives. Before we are willing to change, we have to have all the details mapped out.

Well, OYA will wait for you for a minute. She is that part of you that says, "Now you know that you need to let that relationship go." "You know that it is time to clean out that closet." "Why are you staying at the job that you hate? Leave."

If we want to bring it home a little more, Oya also whispers in your ear, "You need to release the anger and forgive." "Stop being afraid and go for it." "That behavior served its purpose at one point in your life but now you need to let it go."

Are you feeling me? The Goddess of Transformation urges us to die to the old in order to step into the new lives that we desire.

So you work with the Goddess of Creation, Love, Beauty and Sexuality. You say that you desire a greater abundance of love, joy or even material wealth. You begin to use your imagination to vision this life that you want. You even create a vision board that provides a great visual for you to see this life.

You remember that the Goddess of Motherhood and Emotions says that using her energy to feel the positive emotions associated with your desires is a sure fire way to make these qualities and material good manifest in your life. But then what happens is that anything within you that is not in alignment with what you desire to create will emerge. It will rise to the top. So your beliefs that you don't deserve love will begin to express themselves.

Your remembrance of lessons that you learned as a child that joy is not for everyone will come flooding into your awareness. Your fear of having more money will make itself known.

This is all the work of The Goddess of Transformation within YOU! OYA is always searching for the parts of you that are outdated and no longer serve you, brings them to the surface and asks that you release them.

But the funny thing is that we fight to hold on to these parts of ourselves. They are comfortable for us. These characteristics and beliefs are what we know and are tied to our identity.

So when we are asked by the Goddess of Transformation to let them go, many of us release them only when we absolutely have to. So the result is....RADICAL CHANGE! This is how the lesson is learned by many of us. Instead of slowly letting it all go, OYA has to come into our lives in the form of a storm...she has to blow in through the winds of change in order for us to listen to her and release these beliefs, behaviors and patterns.

Many of us find that one day we wake up and we don't have a job. Or we are served divorce papers. Or even still some of us fall sick to a serious or bizarre illness that will literally make us sit and lie still.


What does OYA teach us? She teaches us that death is a natural and normal process that we go through during our lives. She teaches us that not only is change inevitable but it also who and what we are. We are never the same. We are dynamic beings that are ever evolving.

The problem is that we resist change. We get in a place and stagnate. Safety is in knowing and we fear the unknown.

OYA's lesson can be challenging but when we allow the process of releasing to occur we are able to find out that the end of the world does not come and that we actually still keep living, growing and moving.

This is the crone aspect of the Goddess. The phase of life that is represented by this energy is that of the elder woman...the woman who has completed motherhood and is now transitioning to the wise elder and grandmother. The phase where our lives are waning.

One of the best rituals that I learned from my guru was to honor the phase of the moon representing the energy of the Goddess of Transformation: the waning phase and the second quarter moon.

This phase of the moon begins after the full moon. This is a perfect time to do releasing rituals. Think of one behavior, belief, relationship, situation or whatever that you feel does not serve you. Write it down on a piece of paper. Burn the paper while at the same time making a commitment to not engage in the behavior again. Some times I have made the commitment but found that I needed to do additional releasing rituals because the behavior is so deeply ingrained.

I also use the waning phase of the moon to clear away clutter in my home, to do physical detoxes and to reflect on what did and did not work with respect to achieving my goals during the previous lunar cycle. I keep what works and determine what changes I need to make to achieve all my goals in the next cycle.

When I regularly engage in releasing rituals and exercise, The Goddess of Transformation is my ally and I don't have to experience sweeping, radical change. I regularly call on OYA to come through my being and sweep away anything that does not need to be there. There are many times when I hear a limiting belief and I call her right on the spot to sweep it away.

Again this aspect of the Goddess is part of me....she is part of you. She is the part of us that we can either voluntarily engage with or who will come screaming through in a manner that we may not be comfortable with. But make no mistakes, she is within us, too!

OYA is also the owner of the Marketplace. She is the energy that we can call on to assist us with being business women.

This energy of the Goddess is very powerful energy and her lessons will be explored in other areas of this web sanctuary.