Who is the Goddess?

Who is the Goddess really?

If we search Herstory for evidence to the question "Who is the Goddess" we can find her in many ancient cultures. For instance, Ancient Egypt. There were many Goddesses such as Het-Heru also known as Hathor, Auset also known as Isis, and Sekhmet.

In the Ancient Yoruba culture out of Nigeria there was Osun, Yemonja, and Oya! And from the Vedic tradition out of India names of the Goddess include Sarasvati, Lakshimi, Durga, Lalita and Kali Ma. Let's not forget our beloved Kwan Yin and Mary, the blessed mother of Jesus.

But what do these Goddesses have to teach us?

Let me share what I have come to learn,experience and accept as truth.

First of all, these Goddesses are all different reflections of the ONE Divine Mother. The One Goddess also known as Shakti, The Great Mother and the Divine Feminine is the One energy that expresses itself in many different ways in the physical, mental and spiritual planes. The One Goddess is really Source energy, the Energy from which all of creation emerges.

I will be completely honest with you. As I see it honoring the Goddess is ONE way of understanding the Universe, understanding how life works and what this journey is all about. But as you learn more, you will find that honoring the Divine Mother and using her wisdom in your lifeis a way of LIVING.

But who is the Goddess in all of these different manifestations?

Each Goddess is really a type of energy, I call them archetypes, that is within each and every being. According the Meriam-Webster Dictionary online, the definition for archetype is: the orginal pattern or model of which all things of the same type are representations or copies; a perfect example.

Say for instance Osun. Osun is the energy of creativity. Whatever your artistic interests and endeavors, it is this energy of the Great Mother called Osun that you are working with. But when you begin to delve into the deeper spiritual meanings of this energy then you can use it to create some really neat things in your life such as harmony, peace and the highest expression that you see for yourself.

Osun's energy is an archetypal pattern that is within each of us although it may express itself differently in each individual. When we understand and apply the wisdom of Osun we can use it consciously to effect desired results.

The other piece to these archetypes is that they express themselves both positively and negatively. We can actually see these expressions in ourselves.

Back to our example of Osun. When Osun is expressing herself negatively a person may be over indulgent, have great blockages in their creative endeavors and not express her beauty on the inside or the outside. There are two sides to these energies. Again, using this framework will help us better understand what is going on in our lives.

That is what this website is all about...Understanding the answer to "Who is the Goddess?" AND how to use Her energy in our lives.

Now before we go any further, let me clarify something. There are many names for the same energy. The name only reflects the culture that came to learn and understand this Feminine Energy. But the energy is the same. For instance Yemonja, Auset, Isis, Lakshmi, Kwan Yin, and Mary are all the same energy. They are all embodied in the energy of the Moon and all represent the energy of Mothers.